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About Technogeekboy.com

Technogeekboy.com brings you interesting stuff from around the web. We love stuff from around the web. And we always seem to find a way to work the web into our conversations. "Groceries?" we'll say "Did you know that you can order groceries on the web?" Our cars are littered with printouts from MapQuest, our office is full of price comparisons from MySimon. We bought our parents computers just to show them how cool Instant Messaging is.

Whether it's a tool to track airplanes in flight or a tool to make MP3 files smaller, we love it all. That's why everytime we see a new gadget in a magazine or overhear someone talking about the coolest site they've ever seen, we rush back to the site and tell you about it.

We like to share.

Hopefully you'll find a lot of this stuff cool. If you do, please come back often. If not, drop us a line and tell us what you think we should be talking about. We're thick-skinned (and we're seeing a doctor about it).

Thanks for stopping by.


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