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Founded in 2000, Gigablast was created to index up to 200 Billion pages with the least amount of hardware possible. Gigablast offers a variety of features including topic generation and the ability to index multiple document formats. In addition, it allows visitors to refine their search based upon related topics from search results.

Find Wi-Fi hotspots around the world using their search and browse tools. Get maps and driving directions. Learn more about 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, Bluetooth, AirPort, and Centrino in reviews, guides, project articles, and terms glossary.


WorldTime contains customizable clocks with more than 650 locations and free Web updates. It includes a 2D/3D world map with day and night display, which can plot any and all locations.The program uses NTP (Network Time Protocol) to synchronize your computer's system time to a time server. It has optional chimes that can be set for every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. WorldTime can calculate and display the Julian date, sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and hours of daylight. It also provides up/down stopwatches with unlimited lap times. It's a must have and you can have it free.


Manage your own tiny baseball team and play other teams from around the world. Each player has unique skills that you discover during training. Move them around to figure out which position in the field and the batting order yields the best results. Addictive and fun, you'll have a ball, albeit a small one.


Echo.com brings the true promise of internet radio. Build your own radio station easily as you teach the Echo Music Messenger what you like and what you hate. The interface is colorful and intuitive and features plenty of artist information, communities, and a library of bands you won't believe.


A Godsend. Ever been on the road or in the office when you realize you forgot a file on your home PC? Now you can connect to your remote PC from any browser. Believe it.

NOTE: GoToMyPC.com is a now pay service. Plans differ, but expect to pay at least $9.95 a month.


Stop watching your big files flounder in your outbox. Try WhaleMail, the free, Web-based file transfer service designed to let users move BIG files FAST, right from your browser. You can send multiple files (up to 75 MB), and store them for up to 14 days. The recipient gets an e-mail with a link to your file that they can download at their leisure. Trust us, it will save your butt more than once!

NOTE: WhaleMail was recently acquired by SwapDrive, Inc., is now a pay service, expect to pay about $75.00 for 100 mb of mail storage for a year.

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