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Every Day Apps
These are tools and applications we use everyday. Helpful and well-designed.

KlipFolio is an elegant, very customizable, and dare we say, revolutionary piece of software. It's a newsreader that allows for as many feeds as you want in a modular, skinnable interface that sits on your desktop. Download newsfeeds from the KlipFolio's library or create your own for any site that has RSS or XML feeds. It's addictive.

Pegasus Mail
Pegasus Mail is a free,e-mail client. Released in 1990, it has millions of users worldwide. It's extremely feature-rich and powerful, yet remains small and fast. Sure, you can get OutlookExpress for free too, but doesn't it feel good to stick it to Microsoft?

1st Page HTML Editor
Don't let the name fool you, this is no basic HTML editor. Fully-packed with great features including pre-built scripts, a source compressor, and more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at, if you do HTML, do 1st Page by Evrsoft.

NoteTab Light
A superb Notepad replacement for coding HTML and a whole lot more. You'll find yourself using this several times a day. A unique tabbed interface makes document organization easy. More features than some word processors. Check out some of the other great titles at Fookes as well!

Here's a free Zip utility that outperforms WinZip. Features include: individual file extraction and viewing, comment support, archive testing and repair, and more. They even recently added batch zip capabilities. Why pay for the cow when you can extract the milk? (sorry)

Personal Info Keeper
Using an incredibly straightforward "tree" format, organize all your passwords, form data, etc. and then drag and drop into web pages. We use this nifty app many times a day and would be lost without it.



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