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A combination of search engine, database, and web research information, ResearchBuzz (and its newsletter) catalogs it all with wit and enthusiasm. You'll learn something new every day!
USB 2.0 Flash Drive Roundup
We ran across this great article about USB Flash drives (you can never own enough) and thought we'd share. It's from the good people at Ars Technica.
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MSN Video Puts You in Charge of the Newsroom
Ever want to run your own newsroom? Who hasn't. With MSN's new video on-demand service you can see the news you want when you want.
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KlipFolio: A News Lover's Dream Come True
KlipFolio is a modular, skinnable, highly-customizable newsreader that takes newsfeeds from anywhere that provides RSS feds. It sits on your desktop and feeds for need for news.
For God's Sake, Don't Leave!
A recent attempt to cancel out eFax account led us to one conculsion: eFax really, really doesn't want you to cancel your account. Read Transcript
Looking for a Home?
We've put together the Ultimate Home Wishlist. Use it to decide what you want before you even start home shopping. See the List
Working on the Move
Not anchored to a cube? Like to be able to work where you want on your own terms.? Check out the wonderful and get practial advice on all things telecommutive.
Mysterious Tasks Revealed!
When you hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, do you wonder what all those programs are? Find out here. Or here.
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